Day 17-19, Lisbon/Lisboa

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Day 17, Lisbon II

At least I woke up and was clear in my mind. My mood instantly increased when I saw that I received a positive reply from Couchsurfing. We called and agreed on meeting in the evening. I left my backpack in a locker at the railway station and strolled around town a bit. But since I was not fully recovered I lay down in a park near Cais do Sodre and Rio Tejo. In the evening I met with O. ate some food and went to bed early.

Day 18, Lisbon III

Ok, I spent two days in Lisbon now, but didn’t do anything. I haven’t had any plans though, but it felt kind of wrong.

O. let me use her bicycle, so I rode to some view points, the EXPO 1998 area in the east and Belem in the west.
It seems typical in Lisbon that people approach you to offer “Hashish? Cocain?”. They don’t even bother running in front of you bike while you are riding.

In the end I searched for a restaurant that would serve snails (caracois) which were recommended to me. In one restaurant I was told they are served as a snack at noon. So I ate codfish instead which was really nice.

Day 19, Lisbon IV

Another day in Lisbon. This time I had to get around without bike. So at first I made a tour with the famous tram 28 which charges more than other trams because it’s the typical tourist line. I passed a wall with a nice graffiti, but was to slow to catch it on photo. So I searched for about 45 minutes till I found it. On the way I had the chance of other great pictures.

At noon I visited O. at her working place – a bar. Then I ordered the snail in the place next door. I paid 7,50€ and got a huge box of snails; more than a snack for one or even three persons. However I couldn’t finish all of them at once. Though I have to admit there were delicious. Hence I told O. I’d prepare a snail omelette in the evening. She sceptically agreed.

Before I went to the Botanical garden, that suddenly cuts you off from the rest of the city. Without the city’s noise it was like being in a different world, but a rather small world. After returning I met with O. at Marquês de Pombal, the central round-about of Lisbon. She had to arrange some things, showed me some interesting graffiti on the way before I took her bike to ride home and buy some food for the special dinner.

I can tell you, it is hard work to peel all the snail out of their house plus you need much time. But it was totally worth it. It was quite a dinner: I prepared tomatoes, zucchini and mixed them with eggs and the snails to create the snail omelette and a salad whereas O. made two kinds of humus and avocado crème…..exquisite.

It was also my last night in Lisbon. It is such a nice city. When you like Berlin, you definitely have to visit Lisbon – a smaller, hillier Berlin. And if you don’t like Berlin, maybe you start after having visited Lisbon.

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