North, east, southeast – I had already visited most countries in these parts of Europe. That’s why it was time for dicovering new horizons: the south-western part with Portugal and Spain. But since that would have been too boring, I wanted to check off all the mini-states of Europe. Also it was a good chance to visit the remaining two of the three land/sea edge points of Europe (westernmost and southernmost). And in the end I attended the world’s biggest ginger meeting.

I was literally on the road for 37 days and covered more than 8500km – all by hitchhiking. Many people asked me, if hitchhiking was hard in Spain/Portugal. To be honest it was not harder than in parts of the Balkan.
I slept in my tent 16 nights. The remaining nights were spent on the road, in a mountain cabin, at strangers’ homes, using Couchsurfing, at a friend’s place and in a pilgrim’s hostel.

I want to thank everyone who helped me during this journey. Whether it were people who gave me lifts, invited me over or to spent a week-end with them, Couchsurfers, that worked very hard but still had time or friends. I’m very grateful and without you, it would not have been such an amazing trip:

Danke, Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Obrigado, Obrigada, Dank je wel and of course Спасибо and Dziękuję
For questions you can write me: blog[ät]

Let’s get started: Karlsruhe-Bellinzona (CH)

Please beware that there are possibly many mistakes in the texts. Thanks ^^

The route at GoogleMaps


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